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“May you remember the interconnected web of existence that threads us into the divinity of that which we already are; Love.”

Amanda, Sound Healer

It is not enough to think your way to a new reality. All the cells in your body must be aligned to make real, sustainable and deep change. The way I have found to be the most successful way to shift into a new reality is by using music and brain entrainment to bring your mind, body, and soul into divine coherence. 


When we experience inner coherence, decisions flow without doubt, compassion generates with ease, and our ability to manifest the life we desire unfolds around us. When we are connected through every cell of our body, when we are vibrating at the level of abundance and ease, we learn to invite, instead of force, our dreams into existence. 


Hi, I am Amanda and I am here to guide you in shifting your inner reality into a higher vibration of fulfillment, peace, love and connectedness within yourself, others, and the ecosystem at large. We have the power to create our experience when we release what no longer serves us while simultaneously learning how to intentionally let in that which facilitates our growth.


As a culture, we have grown stronger into the “thinking mind” to be the ground zero for change. However, most people tend to approach change from one of force, anger, competition, shame, and inadequacy. This can sometimes result in small wins, but it leaves our nervous systems taxed and depleted. 

Having a deeply wounded nervous system myself, I found sound to be the medium that could enter into my body and calibrate it from one of dis-ease to one of connectedness and love. As a result, I am able to be a better mother, wife, business owner, and friend. This isn’t just my personal journey, but the journey of those who I have served. 

"I had the opportunity to experience my first sound bath at the Rec Club this past fall and had no idea what magic awaited me.
First of all, Amanda is full of so much warmth and love and I immediately felt comfortable in the space she was creating inside of. The sound bath was so invigorating in that it stimulated so many parts of my mind and body that were in desperate need of relaxation and a shift in energy. The sound of the bowls is so etherial and you honestly feel like you’re being transported out of your body into another dimension.
I highly recommend a sound bath to anyone who is experiencing anxiety and or depression as it was helpful for me and helped me reconnect with myself in such a deep and powerful way. Let those sounds wash you!"

Micaela, Client

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